BACK IN 2010 ….

For all the Back to the Future fans that were lucky enough to be a part of WereGoingBack.com’s 25th Anniversary Fan Celebrations of Back to the Future in Los Angeles, California … no descriptions are necessary.  Each and every one of you embarked on a historic journey together through time, and followed in the footsteps of Marty McFly, re-living the week he spent back in 1955. We shared seven fun-filled days of epic BTTF themed events in historic downtown Hill Valley, while trying to avoid our future selves.  They were temporal events that have yet to be outdone… until now.

For those of you that did not attend WereGoingBack.com in 2010, there are no shortage of great videos and photos from the events on YouTube (Click here to see a few).

“You built a time machine? Out of a DeLorean?!”  WereGoingBack.com 2010 kicked off with a (day 1) screening of Back to the Future for thousands of immersed fans as they watched while standing in the actual filming location of Twin Pines Mall!  Featuring celebrities, awards, and an incredibly accurate DeLorean Time Machine replica, that blew C02 on the crowd during a live reenactment, complete with Doc Brown and the Libyans, creating a window in time that brought us all right back to 1985!

IMG_11182 Image4 Image12
LA1001 IMGP9124 IMG_3407
IMG_11212 IMG_1457 Puente Hills Mall

“I’m afraid your just too darn loud.”  The following day (day 2), at Universal Studios, “Profiles in History,” in conjunction with WereGoingBack.com, auctioned off the same DeLorean Time Machine and several other props from the Back to the Future Trilogy. Proceeds from the auction benefited The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (Team Fox).  Meanwhile, back in Hill Valley, fans enjoyed the “Battle of the Bands” at the original filming location.  A traveling museum of exclusive props and memorabilia from the Trilogy was on display along with rare collectables, celebrity autographs and photo opportunities.

2010Day2-IMG_1486IMG_1308 DSC00322
DSC00329 DSC00352 IMG_1218 IMG_1213

“Hill Valley … A Nice Place to Live.”  Fans climbed aboard one of several coach tour busses, and enjoyed (day 3) visiting many of the greatest filming locations from the Back to the Future Trilogy.  From Marty’s house, to Doc’s Mansion, Lorraine’s street, the Hoverboard tunnel and the “START HERE” line where Marty began his final approach to the Clock Tower!  At the final location stop of the day, fans had their minds blown when a DeLorean Time Machine, completely outfitted with very real and completely screen-accurate train wheels, came cruising down the train tracks, coming to rest amongst the crowd at the very same spot it was destroyed by the locomotive in Back to the Future part 3.

IMG_2901 2010Day3-IMG_1577 IMG_2588
IMG_1569 IMG_2578 IMG_9473
IMG_1523 IMG_2442 IMG_1621
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“Hey McFly … You Bojo! Those boards don’t work on water!”  Fans were thrilled with a day (day 4) of Hoverboarding!  Two original members of Griff’s gang, and the original stunt team from Back to the Future 2 were on hand to instruct and help fans “hook on!” for an adventure they’d never forget!

We're Going Back - Hoverboarding 101-38 We're Going Back - Hoverboarding 101-49 IMG_1838
2010Day4-IMG_1798 IMG_1767 2010Day4-IMG_1807 hoverboard_163
DSC00573 We're Going Back - Hoverboarding 101-41 hoverboard_184
hoverboard_298 IMG_1774 We're Going Back - Hoverboarding 101-53 IMG_1792
IMG_1815 IMG_3750 We're Going Back - Hoverboarding 101-44

“Its been … educational.” A tour of the Peterson Automotive Museum (day 5) where one of only two existing GOLD plated DeLoreans are kept.  Afterwards, fans were treated to an up-close and personal presentation by the original creators of the DeLorean Time Machine!

DSC02555 2010Day5-IMG_3822 2010Day5-IMG_1863
DSC02541 DSC02537 IMG_3821
IMG_1923-2 IMG_3818 IMG_1915

“Wow, they really cleaned this place up!”  It was “Back to School” the following day (day 6) at the original filming location, where everybody got a tardy slip from the principal of Marty’s Hill Valley High School!  Bob Gale (creator/writer/producer of the Back to the Future Trilogy) was on hand for a fan Q&A along with many other BTTF celebrities and one of MJF’s skateboarding stunt doubles from BTTF part 1!

DSC00912 100_0962 IMG_3910 100_0969 2010Day6-IMG_3913
100_0994 LA3004 DSC01445 2010Day6-IMG_3946
IMG_3947 DSC02578  IMG_3944 IMG_4038

“A rhythmic ceremonial ritual.”  Our grand finale (day 7) and the event that everyone was waiting for – often imitated but never duplicated, the 2010 Enchantment Under the Sea dance!  We re-dressed the original filming location, using many of the actual props from the movie. Fans dressed in 50’s attire, a great 80’s tribute band rocked the night away, tons of BTTF celebrities were in attendance and they were happy to pose with fans and sign autographs. And, a lovely couple got engaged as the real Marvin Barry sang “Earth Angel” to them … giving chills to the entire room.

100_1023 DSC02746 Image2 DSC00985
148360_518929481906_290500212_648842_236325_n DSC02767 IMG_3999 back-to-the-future-fans-dress-up-for-enchantment-under-the-sea.5649988.87
IMG_4002 IMG_4064 DSC00983 back-to-the-future-fans-dress-up-for-enchantment-under-the-sea.5649984.87
100_1032 IMG_3966 IMG_3949
IMG_3923 IMG_1566 100_1036 IMG_3933

Minds.  Blown!

“That was epic!  So, what’s going on in 2015?”


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