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“We’re Going Back… to the Future!”
30th Anniversary Celebration in Los Angeles, October 2015

. . .

Hundreds of the biggest Back to the Future fans from around the world will descend on Los Angeles this October 21st – 25th to experience the once-in-a-lifetime, 30th Anniversary Celebration of the Back to the Future trilogy, known as “We’re Going Back.”

“This is the big one, the one I’ve been waiting for my whole life!” – Doc Brown, 1985 and have teamed up in 2015 to bring you the biggest, most immersive 30th Anniversary of Back to the Future celebration ever held. This year, the timeline is filled with celebrities, premieres, exclusive products, amazing photo opportunities, and the world’s first completely “Back to the Future” live auction! Single day tickets are available for most days, but ‘everybody who’s anybody’ will have the ‘complete experience’ tickets and attend the entire five day adventure through time!

We’re descending toward Hill Valley, California, at 4:29 pm, on Wednesday, October -21st, 2015.” – Doc Brown, 2015

 Life often imitates art, but rarely does it arrive right on schedule! Fans of “Back to the Future” are well aware of the powerful significance of dates, and they’re now especially focused on October 21st, 2015, the day that Marty McFly first set foot in Hill Valley, 30 years in the future!

 “About 30 years. It’s a nice, round number.” – Doc Brown, 1985

arrow-list  “We’re Going Back” kicks off on Wednesday, October 21st, 2015, by taking fans to where it all began, Universal Studios HollywoodSM. Board a fleet of private trams that will embark on a custom tour of the Universal backlot, with special guests and a unique focus on Back to the Future! Fans will all be provided front-of-the-line passes so they can explore all of the Universal Studios theme park rides! Get a special, up close and personal visit with one of the biggest stars of the trilogy, the hero “A” DeLorean Time Machine! Afterwards, get the red carpet treatment and show off your best Back to the Future costumes at Doc Brown’s 2015 rhythmic ceremonial ritual, set to a screening of Back to the Future II.Car Rental for Cineplex PreShow – “Back to the Future” Shoot Wednesday Sept 16

“Pull out your pants pockets, all kids in the future wear their pants inside out.” – Doc Brown, 2015

arrow-list  Doc Brown has crossed the timelines so that they will converge for fans on Thursday, October 22nd at “We’re Going Back.” Celebrate the entire trilogy by traveling over a hundred years in just one day, to “We’re Going Back’s” living, breathing town of Hill Valley! Soar above the crowds on hoverboards in 2015 with the help of the original hoverboard stunt team and actual members of Griff’s gang! Rewind to 1985 with pro skateboarders and Back to the Future stunt doubles, Per Welinder & Bob Schmelzer, who will show fans how it’s done… on boards with wheels.  Hop  down classic car filled streets on your moon boots in 1955 and watch Jackie Gleason while we eat barbeque, pass the point of no return and square dance with the Doc in 1885! Yes, the Doc can dance!

“It could mean that that point in time inherently contains some sort of cosmic significance, almost as if it were the temporal junction point for the entire space-time continuum. On the other hand, it could just be an amazing coincidence.” – Doc Brown, 1985/A

Escape the Old West in an actual railroad outfitted DeLorean Time Machine, but watch that re-entry, it’s a little bumpy. Ok, it’s a lot bumpy, because “We’re Going Back” has located the actual diesel locomotive that smashed the Time Machine! You don’t need no credit card to ride these trains! See the World Premiere of the documentary “Back In Time,” and the Director’s cut of the documentary “OUTATIME: Saving the DeLorean!” Preview screen used props and rare Back to the Future memorabilia that will be auctioned off live at “We’re Going Back” on Saturday, October 24th, and finish the evening, under the stars, with an outdoor screening of “Back to the Future III.”

“Marty, you’re going to have to do something about those clothes. You walk around town dressed like that, you’re liable to get shot.” – Doc Brown, 1885

arrow-list  Time travel, in style, aboard luxury tour busses as “We’re Going Back” takes fans on an exclusive journey to the original filming locations from Back to the Future! Spend Friday, October 23rd skateboarding past the “Lyon Estates” gates to see the McFly home, getting married in the “Chapel O’ Love,” and have it Doc’s way at his favorite Burger King! Explain the bump on Doc’s head at his ancestral mansion, climb the “Peeping Tom” tree on Bushnell Ave., and get a tardy slip at Hill Valley High. Fans often comment about the energy that can be felt at these locations, as if Lorraine or Biff might walk by at any moment… they might. Have a blast from the past at the after party following the filming location tour.

“No, wait, Doc. Doc, the bruise on your head, I know how that happened. You told me the whole story. You were standing on your toilet and you were hanging a clock, and you fell and hit your head on the sink. And, that’s when you came up with the idea for the Flux Capacitor, which is what makes time travel possible.”
– Marty McFly, 1955

arrow-list  Saturday, October 24th will start with a bang! The auction house,, has been selected by “We’re Going Back” to host the official 30th Anniversary of Back to the Future prop and memorabilia auction! Some of the most iconic props from the trilogy, along with one of the largest collections of Back to the Future memorabilia ever assembled for sale, will be auctioned off live with the help of some very notable guests; proceeds will benefit “Team Fox, the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinsons Research.” That evening, Doc is setting the time circuits to 1955! Fans will have one final opportunity to attend the world’s most accurate, immersive recreation of the iconic “Enchantment under the Sea” dance! Mingle with the cast and crew of the trilogy and rock out with the “Flux Capacitors,” featuring Marvin Berry! Often imitated, but never duplicated, this will be one for the history books!

“Of course! The Enchantment Under the Sea dance! They’re supposed to go to this. That’s where they kiss for the first time!” – Marty McFly, 1955

arrow-list  On October 25th, “We’re Going Back” is sending you back… to see how the future was created! Experience the most intimate, celebrity moderated, “Back to the Future” discussion panels and presentations ever held! Investigate the trilogy as never before with the help of original cast & crew as they showcase their contributions. See how the film’s designers, artists, special effects wizards and others collaborated on Bob Gale’s original ‘germ’ of an idea, transforming it into the most iconic time travel movie of all time!

“No, sir! I’m gonna make something of myself. I’m going to night school, and one day, I’m gonna be somebody!” – Goldie Wilson, 1955

Finally, “We’re Going Back” will take you all the way back… to where it all began: the “Twin Pines” mall, aka “Lone Pine” Mall, aka Puente Hills Mall in the City of Industry, CA. This was one of the most successful, mind-bending events from the “We’re Going Back” 25th Anniversary celebration in 2010. Before returning to your own timeline, spend the evening immersed in an outdoor screening of the original “Back to the Future” film! Expect huge crowds, celebrities, plenty of movie vehicles and the return of the “Flux Capacitors” band for a very special finale.

“Good evening. I’m Doctor Emit Brown, and I’m standing here in the parking lot at Twin Pines Mall. It is Saturday morning, October 26, 1985, 1:18 a.m. and this is temporal experiment number one. Please note that Einstein’s clock is in precise synchronization with my control watch.” – Doc Brown, 1985

arrow-list  “We’re Going Back” has a very special agreement with Universal Studios HollywoodSM to create exclusive, officially licensed, limited edition products! There are several limited edition pieces that will be released, including a final reissue of the highly requested Marty McFly Madrid/Valterra skateboard, completely redesigned using Marty’s actual skateboard prop.  A limited number of actual vintage 3D glasses have been acquired by “We’re Going Back” and officially licensed exact replicas of the 3D glasses worn in Back to the Future have been painstakingly recreated!  Also, the largest and most limited edition, officially licensed, “Back to the Future” prop replica ever created will be available to just one lucky bidder! Universal Studios HollywoodSM has officially sanctioned “We’re Going Back’s” creation of just two pairs of completely accurate, 1:1 scale “LYON ESTATES” gates!

“Share in the excitement of a fabulous winning streak that earned him the nickname “The Luckiest Man on Earth.” – Biff Tannen Museum Narrator, 1985/a

One pair of the massive gates will be sold at Saturday’s live auction. The other pair will be featured at the “We’re Going Back” celebration, and then donated in the name of the fans to be placed back on the Universal Studios HollywoodSM tram tour, where the gates from Back to the Future II & III resided for years, but no longer exist. Organizers will be starting a crowd-sourcing campaign soon to help pay for the very expensive build, which include the lion and finial statues that will be created from the original “Back to the Future” production molds! Fans who contribute will have their names engraved on a brass plaque that will be mounted to the gates and will be a permanent part of “Back to the Future” history!

“If my calculations are correct, when this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you’re gonna see some serious shit.” – Doc Brown, 1985

. . .

About the “We’re Going Back” organizers

Ken Kapalowski, longtime friend of the Back to the Future franchise, and Joe Walser, head of the restoration of the hero “A” DeLorean Time Machine for Universal Studios HollywoodSM, kicked off the first “We’re Going Back” fundraiser in 2010 for Back to the Future fans to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the greatest trilogy of all time! Proceeds from “We’re Going Back” were donated to Team Fox. It was a huge success, and created so much demand for a 30th Anniversary repeat, Ken and Joe agreed to team up and organize one last time-traveling adventure in 2015! Tickets have already been sold to fans from countries all over the world, including Australia, Canada, France, India, Poland, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Japan and Argentina. It’s clear that the love for Back to the Future is… universal.

“Like I’ve always told you, you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.” – George McFly, 1985

Visit or for more information. There are many more surprises planned for We’re Going Back, but as Doc says…

“No one should know too much about their own destiny.” – Doc Brown, 2015

 About the Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research

The Michael J. Fox foundation is one of the world’s largest nonprofit organizations dedicated to finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Since 2000, when the foundation was started, they have raised over $450 million. All funds are applied to the research and development toward discovering a cure and improving the lives of those living with Parkinson’s today. For more information please visit

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